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The Cryptanthus Society promotes educational and scientific interest in bromeliads as well as serves Cryptanthus enthusiasts throughout the world. Membership in The Cryptanthus Society unites bromeliad growers with an interest in Cryptanthus through a quarterly journal as well as at World Conference and Cryptanthus Society events.       WBC 2014 Shiigi Art Poster Visit the BSI web site for more information

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Congratulations To
Gary Douglas Turner
The Cryptanthus Society Webmaster!

The Cryptanthus Society has been using an iconic logo, known worldwide for the last 28 years. At the 2012 Board of Directors, meeting they decided that it was time to change the design. The Cryptanthus Society offered a three year subscription to the CS Journal to the individual who comes up with the winning logo design.

Contest deadline
was extended to August 15, 2013
at which time the CS Logo Judging Committee voted on the winner. This winner and his or her concept was announced at the Saturday, September 7th, 2013 banquet of the combined SWBG, Greater Dallas\Ft Worth, Cryptanthus Shows in Dallas Texas.
Congratulations to Gary Turner for submitting the winning design!

Contest Information and Details

Join Us For
Bromeliads In Paradise
21st World Bromeliad Conference

In Honolulu Hawaii
September 8th - September 14th, 2014!

The 2014 WBC is sponsored by the
Bromeliad Society International

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International Cryptanthus Show Entry Form
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Bromeliads In Paradise 2014

WBC 2014 Show Schedule

WBC 2012 Show Entry Form

WBC 2012 Show Entry Instructions

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As with every BSI World Bromeliad Conference since the founding of our Society, which are held every two years, the Cryptanthus Society will be an important, visible part of the activities.

This world-class event includes huge plant sales (with hundreds of old and new cryptanthus hybrids and hard to find species), a combined BSI and CS Rare Plant Auction featuring unusual plants from the biggest collections of cryptanthus in the World; there will be seminars by world renown speakers.
The BSI WBC Bromeliad Show promises to be a large show. Besides the numerous awards from the BSI, the Cryptanthus Society is offering 9 special awards to Best in Show Horticultural and Artistic entries.

Already several tours are scheduled to some of the local nurseries and private gardens in Hawaii.

Host hotel room rates and other information will be available soon.

Do you have extra time available and a wish to help us succeed and grow our organization? Volunteer to serve on one of our committees, or projects, or if you have special talents - let us know!

Contact us at and tell us how you would like to become involved. Please include your interest in volunteering and let us know about your volunteer skills, along with a daytime phone number and a preferred time to reach you, and/or to request further information.

Cryptanthus Jambalaya

Cryptanthus Warasii

Cryptanthus Bone Chiller
  • We are a nonprofit, horticultural organization striving to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in research, preservation, development and distribution of Cryptanthus throughout the world. Members find new friends in Australia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Plant lovers like you are growing in windows, in greenhouses, in indoor light gardens and outside in temperate regions. We're working to make everyone aware of how much fun and how easy it is to grow Cryptanthus. You can help.

  • We publish a color Quarterly Journal (The Cryptanthus Society Journal) ...for both the amateur and the professional; the explorer, the scientist, the hybridizer, the grower and the blue-ribbon winner. As a member you'll be among the first to find out about recently discovered species, the latest hybrid, the newest growing secrets. Discover new friends who share your amazement, excitement and delight growing these wonderful plants. We look forward to you sharing your experiences.

  • We are active in research provide support for the identification of new species; to promote registration of worthy hybrids and to assist in the education of judges to accurate judging standards thorough clear documentation.

  • We promote growing and showing ...with affiliate societies throughout the country who encourage their members to show and promote Cryptanthus locally. The Cryptanthus Society provides cultural sheets and two awards annually for best species and hybrid exhibit in each affiliate society's show.

  • In conjunction with an affiliate society, an International Cryptanthus Show is hosted during the year between the BSI World Bromeliad Conferences. A separate Cryptanthus Auction is held annually at WBC and ICS events. Please join and support the Cryptanthus Society today.

Home - Membership - News - Contacts - CS Journal - Publications - Culture - Shows - About - Links - Shop - Photos

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